Fire Island close to NY as LGBTQ enclave to visit since 1920\30

Fire Island

An island close to New York popular with people escaping the city for long weekends

City Overview

Fire Island is the large island parallel to the south shore of Long Island, New York. The Fire Island Pines often referred to as The Pines or FIP adjoining Cherry Grove are the area’s most strongly associated with the gay community on Fire Island.

The Pines feels more like New York's Chelsea: pretty party boys and gay professionals; the Grove is more diverse and down to earth (and attracts a younger AND an older crowd).

The island has often been referred to as America’s first gay and lesbian town as since the 1920s and 1930s it had a very liberal attitude

Getting there is fun. Take the Long Island Rail Road to Sayville, a shuttle bus to the ferry and then just walk to your accommodation as there are no cars.

Places to stay

Fire Island has some exclusively gay resorts, exclusively gay hotels and a number of very gay friendly places to stay. Some of the exclusively gay hotels and resorts are clothing optional which allows you to naked. Therefore, choose your place to stay based on your clothing preference.

All the places to stay bookable on our website are exclusively gay or gay friendly so you can be assured to be welcome.

Fire Island Beaches

There are two beach main beach area in Fire Island popular with the gay community.

Fire Island Pines beach is home to the island's biggest dance clubs, restaurants, and shops. The beach is an extension of the islands party mentality, and is packed with cute guys. Nudity is allowed on the shore as well.

Cherry Grove Beach is considered a nude haven but only 50% are nude. On the left side of this beach if you walk, you'll find a gay (and nude) crowd. This section of beach is famous for frisky encounters amidst iconic dunes.

Bars, Clubs & Parties

Ice Palace is a Fire Island institution have been open since 1950. A bar with pool and huge deck with a mix of gays and lesbians. Address 1 Ocean Walk Cherry Grove

Sip N' Twirl is a bar near the harbour for drinks, music and a crowded dance floor. Address 36 Fire Island Boulevard

Low Tea at the Blue Whale is a bar with sunny patio and indoor dance floor with theme nights and cheap drinks. Address Harbour Walk

Pavillion Nightclub is the legendary nightclub open since the 1960s. Lots of great themed parties. Address Harbour Walk

Cafes & Restaurants

Fire Island has a good choice of cafes and restaurants. The typical burgers, shrimp and steak restaurants are popular.

Look for places to dine with your eyes and nose to see the food being eaten by other diners and if the customers are cute.


Currency – United States Dollar (USD)

Language – English

Visas – Most visitors from Europe do not need a visa. ESTA permits citizens of 40 countries to enter the US without a visa.

Best Time To Visit – March - November

Timezone – Varies per state. Check per destination.

Homosexual Activity – Legal but attitudes vary per state

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